Lucy Cooper

production design and art direction

so, who is she?

It started at The Savoy,

My first ever job on set assisting the Art Department. I was led to the ballroom to crystallise guitar straps and a mircophone for Naomi Campbell and a few other notable Supers. Dolce and Gabbana turned up, not the designs. The designers.

After 2 days swept up in the whirlwind, I left feeling like it was a wild dream. Ever since I’ve wanted to create sets the don’t just look good, but have energy, personality and bursting with those little details.

Tackling a lot of the buying and prop styling myself, my hands on approach delivers considered and consistant envioronments that enhance key messages, but hopefully in a cheeky way.

From balloon sculpting for bespoke boots, or building and flipping full scale sets in a matter of hours, I’m not afraid to tackle projects I can immerse myself in. Fancy a dive?

quickfire round!


Central Saint Martins,
Performance Design & Practice BA


Hyperreal meets Retro Kitsch

Noted collaborators?

Secret Cinema, Rankin

Favourite clients?

Dr Martens, Man City and Hello Kitty

Special Skills?

Give me 3 rolls of fabric, a staple gun & 45 minutes.

CARGO 2018 ︎ LUCY COOPER 2022